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Ever wonder how readingC Lill Ahrens a good story creates a movie in your mind? In addition to visual imagery, the movie effect is due to carefully placed bits of story information. Missing or poorly placed information can confuse and distract a reader. But when you’ve included all the information and put it in the right place, your story will be a movie in your reader’s mind.

Every story has potential for greatness, and every great story can still be improved

C. Lill Ahrens believes in the potential of every story in progress. As an editor for Calyx Journal,the contest director for Oregon Writers Colony, a creative writing instructor and editorial consultant, Lill has read thousands of unpublished stories and debated the finalists with her fellow judges and editors. Thus she’s learned why some stories make the final cut while others fall short, and how they can be improved. Many of her clients and students are now award-winning and published. Her own award-winning stories are published in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including Best Women’s Travel Writing (Travelers Tales).
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