I hope you can join me on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Salem Public Library where I’ll be giving a talk to the Salem Chapter of Willamette Writers on Creating a Movie In Your Reader’s Mind: The Power of Emotional Truth.

Here’s the talk description:

Actors convey a character’s Emotional Truth through body language and how they deliver their lines. We writers convey Emotional Truth by describing those things, plus we have the power to employ many other techniques, including internal thought, verb choice, and metaphor.  In fact, everything in a written story – every person, animal, landscape, object, smell, sound, weather phenomenon – can have Emotional Truth.  Successful stories are infused with it.  Yet aspiring writers often omit it without realizing, inadvertently sapping tension, losing reader interest.

In this interactive, info-rich presentation, Lill shares the what/why/when/where of Emotional Truth. Attendees are encouraged to bring the first page of their story for a revision activity.

For more details on the Salem Chapter of Willamette Writers please visit: http://willamettewriters.com/salem/